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Behse family in Finland

We are currently planning the above website for the Finnish branch of the family. The aim of the website is to collect, store and distribute information about our original German ancestors.

So far, our genealogical mapping includes 760 descendents from our German ancestor, viz. Christian Friedrich Behse, surgeon, born 1710, died 1788, Nehringen, Upper Pomerania, Germany (now Mecklenburg-Vorpommern). Among them are descendents who have lived and now live in Finland.

Our immediate goal is to find more of the descendents that we know now live in north-western Russia, particularly St Petersburg, the Baltic republics and other European countries (especially Germany), but also in the USA, from which we have already received enquiries.

We are particularly interested in making contact with genealogists elsewhere who have investigated members of the Behse family in their own countries.