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Current events

Jane Westerlund passed away, February 2010 at an age of 85.  She was an eager
person to find out her rootes in Finland.  She found one of our  most genealogists
Christine Slätis and visited Finland and her grandmothers commune Lappträsk
twice during 1990-ies.
As late as during last summer I mailed with her and got the answers through her
son Kevin from whom I wait for details about the family for our genealogy.
We convey our condoleances from Finland,  Eimer Wasström/RW
On the 28th of August 2010 a Family Feast Day will be arranged.
With in December we will publish the itinerary on this site and
accordingly you can after that sign in with partner and kids for
our fantastic and first Behse Feast ever!!!
This event will take place at "Fädergården" in Lapinjärven  Lapinkylä,
However we will commence at 15 hours with a Church Service in the
local church held by our Behse Vicar  Eimer Wasström.


Eight Behse members where present when
there was the inauguration of the new edging and the
repair of the oxidated cross of Carl von Behse´s 
grave from the year 1853.




We have planned a hit on restaurant Patakukko in
Kirkkonummi on the 20th of Nov. at 18 hours,
where beautiful jazz is played once a month.
On this day our Behse-member Eimer Wasström´s band
plays as a visiting orchestra.
It would be nice to meet all of the Behse clan and all the Behse
youngsters as well on this occasion!!!
Please drive to: Rest. Patakukko,Jeppaksenhaka19, 02400 Kirkkonummi.


The grave of our oldest ancestor in Finland Carl von Behse has
been restored. We have repaired the iron cross, we have built
new gravesides and decorated the grave by a lantern collecting
energy during daytime and being ignited after dark. We are proud
to present this almost 160 years old grave.

An inaugural ceremony will take place on the 1st of November
at 16 hours on the All Saint´s Day at the grave.

Rainer Wasström


On the 24th of July which was  Carl von
Behse´s day of death some members met to commemorate
the redecoration of the text of Carl´s son´s and his family´s
As shown on the pictures there was a heavy shower but
the group enjoyed the stay together. This was the perhaps
the only moment in tandem since decades.

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